Providing the best healthcare for our employees is a top priority....

and we depend on HTH's leading edge technology and global medical expertise for peace of mind. When a Bombardier Aerospace expatriate relocated to Taichung, Taiwan, HTH not only coordinated relationships with specialist physicians for the family, but made sure that all their prescription medications would be available there.
Alice McClain
Human Resources, Bombardier Aerospace

HTH Worldwide allows us to provide our employees with the comfort that comes from knowing that wherever they travel, someone has their back. The online tools and services that HTH offers are convenient, user-friendly and comprehensive. Seasoned travelers and infrequent travelers equally appreciate the convenience of being connected to the global healthcare information and the knowledge that if they need medical assistance at any time, help is just a phone call away.
Scott Grove
HR Director, KlingStubbins

HTH Worldwide understands mariners, our unique needs, and the global range of our professional life. HTH has created an outstanding program that meets our needs, they provide excellent service, and they pay claims promptly and without fuss. In the eyes of our members, HTH Worldwide has thoroughly "redeemed" the health insurance industry, through great products and service. Our members are extremely satisfied with HTH.
Bert Rogers
Executive Director, American Sail Training Association

HTH has been incredibly helpful with expediting treatment for our students living as expatriates in Mexico. They are constantly communicating with and adding new providers, and answer all my questions about the new program almost as soon as I send the email to ask them. The students have also benefited. When away from home students tend to get nervous (as do their parents) about consulting unknown doctors and are reticent to seek medical attention if they have to pay up front (which is the standard system here in Mexico). With this program they feel more comfortable since the doctors are screened. The students are more likely to seek service when they need it instead of considering first their economic situation. I have been very impressed with HTH.
Stephany Slaughter
Study Abroad Advisor for Cuernavaca, Mexico, Ohio State University

I am very pleased to inform you that we arrived back in Angola. Thanks to your intervention, everything went really well in South Africa, and we are truly happy now because our little child is now well, cured and no longer needs to take antibiotics everyday anymore, like she has for more than a year. You can't imagine the happiness that has now come over our family; we are really all very grateful.
HTH Corporate Expatriate Member
Luanda, Angola