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"HTH Worldwide allows us to provide our employees with the comfort that comes from knowing that wherever they travel, someone has their back."
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Rely on the experts for international healthcare solutions.

We design plans that meet your specialized needs, arrange provider networks to reduce costs and encourage easy access, and work with the medical providers to promote quality care.

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With a worldwide community of thousands of western-trained physicians and 24-hour assistance, we help employees and their families navigate the local health system, whether they are in the U.S. or abroad.

Group Insurance Plans

HTH Global HealthGuard combines comprehensive global benefits with a new generation of medical assistance services, available via an impressive array of online tools and databases used to identify, access and pay for quality healthcare all around the world. HTH Global HealthGuard is designed for international assignees and their families when they leave their home countries for six months or more.


HTH Business Traveler. At least one-third of all business travelers suffer an illness or injury while on an international assignment. Now employers can turn to a group supplemental health insurance program featuring online databases that empower the traveler to stay safe and healthy. HTH Worldwide also makes life easier for benefit managers who can arrange blanket coverage for all international travelers and can count on streamlined claims administration.


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