Preparation, Protection and Assistance
for Healthy International Assignments

International Group Health Insurance for Expats and Business Travelers

HTH Global HealthGuard

Long term, major medical, coverage for international assignees and families.

HTH Business Traveler

Short term supplemental health benefits for international trips up to 180 days in duration.

What They’re Saying about HTH

"HTH Worldwide allows us to provide our employees with the comfort that comes from knowing that wherever they travel, someone has their back."
Scott G. more

HTH Worldwide is a recognized leader in international group health insurance and medical assistance services for business travel and expatriate assignments, serving hundreds of thousands of world travelers annually.

HTH has set new standards for international assistance and for applying stringent criteria when contracting with doctors and hospitals outside the U.S. HTH members can prepare for healthy overseas assignments by accessing a wide array of interactive tools and global health and security databases.

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